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Bahar Boutique Hotel is situated in “Emporiou” square at the corner of Katouni and Edessis street and was built between 1926-1931 by the first owners of Adam Ladeni’s family. Since then and until 2008 it was used as a Shop center. Our family bought the building in 2008 and has been fully redesigned with respect to its history and decorative features. The hotel has a unique elegant design inside and outside and has been recognized as a piece of Art from the Center of Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture.


Around the shopping square earlier in time (but also today) there were housed lots of commercial shops selling spices, herbs and other refine products. We wished to construct a hotel utterly related with the region’s features. For this reason we named it BAHAR, a name that phonetically refers to the spices, the scents and the senses that stimulated. A spice is the dehydrated part of a plant containing aromatic, spicy and caustic substances. Spices can come from leaves, seeds, fruits, bulbs and cortex. They are parts of living organisms that are reformed and have a long lifespan.

In Turkish, Bahar means Spring, the season when the blooming starts and metaphorically the birth and development of new things.

Thus, we wished to merge into its name all those old but yet living features of the area in order not to preserve but also highlight them and make them an integral part of modern Thessaloniki.

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