Bahar Boutique Hotel | Thessaloniki

Our Rooms

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Our hotel has 18 double elegant rooms which some of them can accommodate up to 3 people.

During the reconstruction of the hotel most rooms preserved the features of the original interion design with respect to the history of the building and the area as well.
Each room has its own color and design offering at the same time modern comfort. All rooms are equipped with the 3-Layer Coco-mat sleeping system, cotton sheets and towels, while the amenity products are provided by the Greek company “Zealots of Nature”.

We invite you to come and stay with us and choose the room which best fits your needs.

1 person | single bed

Enjoy moments of relaxation in the comfortable and bright rooms of the Bahar Boutique Hotel. On the first floor, overlooking Emporiou square, they have a simple modern design,…more

2 people | Queen size bed

Elegant rooms with windows that offer city or the open air atrium view ensuring absolute relaxation in the heart of the city. Spend a restful sleep on Coco-Mat’s natural mattresses,…more

2 people | Queen size bed

Modern rooms that offer great comfort and a balcony that ensures absolute privacy in the heart of the city. Indulge yourself in a restful sleep with Coco-Mat’s natural mattresses,….more

2 people | Queen size bed

Featuring stylish lines, these rooms have a private balcony with city view and Emporiou square, offering luxury and high-class comfort .Indulge yourself in a restful sleep with Coco-Mat’s natural mattresses, …more

2 people | King size bed

Live the ultimate luxury experience. Rooms offering high standard amenities with a private balcony, king-size bed and hydro massage for the absolute relaxation. Indulge yourself…more

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