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Aristotle running and hiking tour

Combine running and hiking through the concrete jungle of Thessaloniki. Embrace Greece’s most ancient sport on this adrenaline-charged Aristotle Running and Hiking Tour!

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Filippos running and hiking tour

Zap through the city’s must-see monuments and neighborhoods on this exhilarating Filippos Running and Hiking Tour in Thessaloniki!

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Meteora biking day tour from Thessaloniki

Experience the sacred destination of Greece that combines nature’s wonder with history while biking through the incredible rocks of Meteora. Gather your friends and feel the adrenaline rush biking at Meteora!

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Olympus biking day tour

Experience the beauty of the Greek countryside through a more alternative way with our Olympus Biking Day Tour from Thessaloniki.

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Jewish monuments private walking tour

Visit some of the most influential historic monuments to the once substantial Jewish population in the area on the Jewish Monuments Private Walking Tour in Thessaloniki.

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Ottoman monuments private walking tour

This Ottoman Walking Tour will take you around Thessaloniki to bear witness some of the most influential sites in both Turkish and Greek history.

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Sunset cruise near Thessaloniki

Capture the mesmerizing sunset of Thessaloniki on this Private Sunset Cruise in Thessaloniki, amidst the deep blue waters of the Thermaic Gulf!

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Daily cruise in Thessaloniki

Sail away into the deep blue waters of the Thermaic Gulf, explore hidden treasures in an abandoned shipwreck and indulge in a traditional Greek lunch on this exhilarating daily cruise in Thessaloniki!

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Horse riding for families

Looking for family fun activities in Thessaloniki? Join this Horse Riding for Families in Thessaloniki and the cowboy dream in this alternative activity the whole family can enjoy!

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Vergina and Pella tour
Vergina and Pella private tour

Discover the ancient Greek capital Vergina and observe the historic artefacts preserved to tell the story of the country’s greatest ruler – Alexander the Great. Visit Pella, the king’s birthplace and see the outstanding archaeological sites from this famous era. Take a road down history lane with this Pella and Vergina tour.

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The missing treasure hunt

Do you enjoy solving mysteries and channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes? How about searching for clues to complete the treasure hunt in the centre of Thessaloniki? If your answer is yes then this is the right activity for you! 

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Professional photo shoot

Keep your memories from Greece alive forever. Remember moments under the bright sun, from a relaxing evening, or a crisp night. Save the energy and emotion of your getaway to Thessaloniki or Chalkidiki forever! We strive to leave you with pictures that capture the essence of your trip.

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Hammam spa treatment

The ultimate hammam spa treatment experience. Choose between Ali Mama Hammam, Ceremonial Hammam, Hammam Baths Massage and Traditional Hammam. 

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Wine testing at Ktima Gerovassiliou

Wine tasting at Ktima Gerovassiliou in Thessaloniki is the activity that will satisfy all your senses. Through our exclusive Grekaddict tour with Ktima Gerovassiliou, you will have the opportunity to taste worldly recognized Greek wines and enjoy a tour of this stunning vineyard.

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Olive oil and olive tasting

Fancy a taste of pure liquid gold? This Olive Oil and Olive Tasting in Thessaloniki encourages you to discover the gifts of nature and experience what the real extra virgin olive oil is all about!

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